My wedding photography style and what it means to me!  I have always been a long admirer of my parent’s wedding pictures – to see them young, carefree (& kid free!) was always something surreal.  The visual step into their past helped me envision what that day must have been like and who they were in those moments.  For this reason, I gravitate towards a very candid and documentary approach to coverage.  I want to capture what is happening naturally and believe THAT is the wedding story that will be most treasured by you.  This does not mean family and friends will miss out on the posed portraits with you two – those are a must –  but I strive to provide your wedding story in the most authentic, moving, spirited and emotional way.  

Travel/Destination Weddings  I have always loved to travel and it’s been a joy to combine both passions in recent years.  I’ve visited Paris, British Columbia, Ontario, Nepal, Curacao and traveled around the gorgeous United States in a sweet little vintage camper in search of new landscapes and fun adventures. I currently reside in Richmond, Virginia but my passport is ALWAYS up to date!

The Engagement Session This session is included in all coverage options, it is just SO important!  This 1 hour on location portrait session allows us both a great opportunity to work together and lets me see how shy/outgoing/silly/comfortable you two are in front of the camera. For the ladies, this can be a perfect trial hair/makeup run with your stylist or just let the session jump start a good old fashioned date night – I mean you’re already dressed up right!!  I love for these portraits to be in a meaningful location or tie in shared interests that are sentimental to you (i.e. the proposal sight, first date location, camping or sports if you share a love for those, etc).  We’ll work together on brainstorming the best place and elements to perfectly showcase your personalities together.

Are you licensed and insured?  Absolutely!  Professionalism is key and you’re in great hands!  This may also be a requirement from reception venues and I’m happy to provide it upon request.

I still need a Planner, Florist, Baker, etc. Who should I contact?  That’s an easy one – it takes a village to bring your wedding day vision to life and I'm very lucky to be surrounded by the best in the industry for doing just that!  Let me know who you still need and I can point you in the right directions!

How do we Save the Date?  Great, I’m glad you asked! A signed wedding contract and 50% deposit saves the date but first things first – let’s get a date on the calendar to meet!  I love to hear more about your coverage needs, wedding details and a consultation or skype conversation is the perfect chance to see if we’re a great fit for each other!